Lis Wessberg, Female tromboneplayer, Trombonejazz, Danish Jazz

Yellow Map

Lis Wessberg - Trombone
Steen Rasmussen – Piano and keys
Lennart Ginman - Bass
Jeppe Gram – Drums

Yellow Map is a meeting between the acoustic instrument and the electronic expression. This meeting unfolds in a wondrous space, where light and dark, intimacy, joy, and contemplation are expressed. The fusion of these two universes gives the music a floating, contemporary, and almost cinematic expression.

Lis Wessberg, Female tromboneplayer, Trombonejazz, Danish Jazz

Sound & Songs

Lis Wessberg – Trombone
Fredrik Lundin – Saxophone
Steen Rasmussen – Piano
Ida Hvid, Bass
Frands Rifbjerg – Drums

The music in Sound & Songs is a mix of original compositions and standards, selected and arranged specifically with these musicians in mind, based in a melodic universe. Here, the key words will be intimacy, soulful compositions, harmonically beautiful arrangements, dreamy improvisations, melancholy, and the good sound.

Lis Wessberg, Female tromboneplayer, Trombonejazz, Danish Jazz


Lis Wessberg – Trombone
Cecilie Strange – Saxophone
Peter Rosendal – Piano
Jesper Thorn – Bass
Anders Holm – Drums

The music and arrangements in WSRTH are written specifically with this constellation in mind. All the participating musicians are composers and arrangers in their own orchestras, and here they have come together to create a unique shared universe. The keywords in the music will be contemplation and plenty of room for improvisation. Each musician/composer has a very personal sound and approach to working with improvised music, and the music often has a somewhat dreamlike character.