Lis Wessberg, Female Trombone player, Copenhagen, KĂžbenhavn, basunist, Trombone, Jazz, Brazil

Lis Wessberg is among the leading trombonists in Denmark. Known for her beautiful tone and unique feeling on the instrument.

Has played with numerous of Danish top artists in jazz and pop music including Marilyn MazurSteen RasmussenLennart GinmanFredrik LundinJan KaspersenClaus HøxbroeDR BigbandHanne Boel and many others.

For Wessberg, a good melody and a full, rich sound are the two most important elements of her performing and composing. Her trombone playing resembles a singer's voice, filled with warmth and emotion. Her compositions are soulful and thoughtful, while her arrangements have an almost dreamy quality.

Wessberg has performed on more than 45 albums. Lis Wessberg released her debut album, Yellow Map, October 1st 2021.

She has also toured extensively in both Denmark and abroad, often at big festivals, sharing the stage with some of biggest stars in the music firmament, like Ray Charles, Joyce Moreno, Kid Creole & The Coconuts, Ernie Wilkins Almost Big Band, and Randy Brecker, to name just a few.

Her career as a trombonist came about quite by chance. When she was just 8 years old, she dreamed of playing in Herlev's local harmony orchestra. When the opportunity arose, the only instrument available was the trombone. Although the choice of instrument was random, she studied assiduously for many years with inspiring teachers, and she became skilled enough at the age of 19 to be admitted to the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. Wessberg completed her education in 1991 and soon began her career as a professional jazz musician.

Lis Wessberg’s influences are Miles Davis, David Bowie, Lee Konitz, Joe Zawinul, Ben Webster, Dexter Gordon, Chet Baker, and Mark Hollis of Talk Talk.


JAZZ STARS: "Lis Wessberg is a perfect example, that it is just as important how you play as what you play. Lis Wessberg's tone is at once airy and distinct.”

INFORMATION: “Particularly noteworthy are Lis Wessberg's subdued and elegant solos. The final version of Jobim's Águas de Março was a joyous experience that will not be forgotten right away.”

JAZZ SPECIAL: "… especially in the songs Coisa Mais Linda and Sem Fantasia, where Lis Wessberg slides beautifully into the Brazilian trombone tradition, and emphatically drives a stake into the heart of this listener".