Lis Wessberg Yellow map

Lis Wessbergs debut album  - Yellow Map - was released at April Records october 1st 2021

Musicians at Yellow Map

Lennart Ginman - Bass and electronics

Steen Rasmussen - Fender Rhodes, Moog, piano and synths

Jeppe Gram - Drums

Marilyn Mazur (Sister M) - Balafon and percussion

Listen to the album Yellow Map HERE

You can buy the album (CD and Vinyl) HERE

Selected tracks (other artists albums)

Steen Rasmussen Quinteto – Lo Mejor De Cada Casa (2013)

Selected track  - Paz

(Lis Wessberg(composition)
Line up: Steen Rasmussen (piano and kompositions), Leo Minax  (vocal and kompositions), Jonas Johansen (drums), Lis Wessberg (trombone and komposition), Fredrik Damsgaard (bas), Jacob Andersen (Percussion)

Steen Rasmussen Quinteto – Precenca (2015)
Selected track  - Melankolia

Line up: Steen Rasmussen (piano and kompositions), Joyce Moreno (vocal), Leo Minax (vocal), Paulo Braga (drums), Lis Wessberg (trombone), Fredrik Damsgaard (bas), Jacob Andersen (Percussion)

Ginman/Jørgensen (1998)
Selected track  – Bringin It All Back Home

Line up: Lennart Ginman (bas and kompositions), Steen Jørgensen (vocal and lyrics), Lis Wessberg (trombone), Jeppe Saugmann (Keys), Kristoffer Sjelberg (drums), Henrik Lindstrand (keys).

Steen Rasmussen Quinteto – Amanha – I morron – Tomorrow (2009)
Selected track  – I Morron

Line up: Steen Rasmussen (piano and kompositions), Josefine Cronholm (vocal), Jonas Johansen (drums), Lis Wessberg (trombone), Fredrik Damsgaard (bas), Jacob Andersen (Percussion)

Fredrik Lundin Overdrive – Plays the music of Led Belly (2004)
Selected track  - Belly Up

Line up: Fredrik Lundin (sax), Per Jørgensen (trumpet and vocal) Krister Jonsson (guitar), Henrik Gunde (piano, Fender Rhodes), Jens Kristian Uhrenholdt (bas), Emil de Waal og Jonas Johansen (drums and percussion), Maj Berit Guassora (trumpet), Mia Engsager and Lis Wessberg (trombone), Ola Nordquist (bastrombone) and Klaus Löhrer (bastrombone)

Shamania – Marilyn Mazur (2019)
Selected track  – Crawl Out And Shine

Line up: Marilyn Mazur (perc), Josefine Cronholm (vox & perc), Makiko Hirabayashi (keys), Lotte Anker (sax), Lisbeth Diers (perc), Sissel Vera Pettersen (sax & vox), Lis Wessberg (trb), Ellen Andrea Wand (bass & vox), Hildegunn Øiseth (trp), Anna Lund (dr)